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Most Expensive House Location and Owner

Curious to know about the world's most expensive house? Where is it? and Who owns it? Well, the world's most expensive house is being built at Altamount Road, Mumbai, India by a famous Indian industrialist, Mukesh Ambani, who is a head of petrochemical giant Reliance Industries. According to Forbes's year 2008 list of billionaires, his net worth is $43 billion and ranks #5 in the world.

Video of Most Expensive House Plan

Video above shows the plan for the most expensive house in the world. The most expensive house will be a 27 storey glass tower with cost of construction a whopping $2 billion. It is designed by Dallas based architecture firm, Perkins + Will and Los Angeles based Hirsch Bedner Associates. After it is complete, it will be 525 feet tall and about 400,000 square feet of interior space. Therefore it could also be the world's largest house. This most expensive house is called Antilla and the construction is based on Indian tradition called Vaastu, similar to Feng Shui in China. It is unique in a sense that no two floors will have same plans, designs or materials. Though there seems to be only 27 visible floors, each floor's height will be more than twice of that of a normal floor. Therefore it will be as tall as a 60 storey tower. The most expensive house would feature health club, safe rooms, 3 helipads, more than 150 parking spaces and would require more than 500 servants to maintain.

Most Expensive House Amenities

The world's most expensive house will have:
  • 6 floors to park 168 cars.
  • A separate floor for car maintenance on seventh floor.
  • A mini-theatre (capacity 50) at the eighth floor.
  • Around three to four floors serving as terrace gardens.
  • Ninth floor will be used as emergency rescue.
  • Tenth and eleventh floors as health clubs with a swimming pool and athletics facilities.
  • The four floors at the top will be occupied by Mukesh Ambani, his wife Neeta Ambani, their three children and Mukesh's mother Kokilaben. It will provide beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and the city's skyline
  • Two floors above family area will be maintenance areas.
  • Two floors are allocated to family's guests.
  • The top floor will be an Air Space Floor as a control room for the helicopters, with 3 helipads on top of this control room.
  • It will have nine elevators.

Current Most Expensive House

Currently, the most expensive house in the world is the hilltop villa, called La Leopolda overlooking the French Riviera. It was bought for $ 525 million in 2008. The rumor is that it is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner. But his staff has denied these rumors. So the name of the Russian billionaire buyer is a mystery. The home was previously owned by Mrs. Lily Safra. She is the widow of Edmond Safra, who was a Lebanese banker killed by an arsonist's fire in Monaco in year 2003. This villa is spread across 10 acres. It has lush, garden-filled grounds and require around 50 gardeners to look after these gardens. This location is south of France and villa holds the beautiful sea view.

Other Most Expensive Houses

Interestingly, Forbes's 2008 list of world's most expensive houses has top entry with $ 125 million price tag. Forbes mentions that these are publicly listed properties and many of the house deals in expensive segment are private and are shopped privately for undisclosed prices. So those deals may not feature in their list.

Picture below shows most expensive house under contruction and it is near completion now. The Mukesh Ambani and family currently stay at 14 floor tower at Cuffe Parade in Mumbai, called Sea Wind. It was reported by one of the local newspapers that Mukesh gifted his wife a luxury jet worth dollar 60 millions on her 44th birthday.

Most Expensive House under construction

Most Expensive House

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